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Terms and Guarantee


Customer hereby agrees to pay Wendland Landscape Services Inc. a 50% minimum down payment at the time of order and agrees to pay the entire balance due immediately upon completion unless other terms are noted on quote.  This guarantee is effective only upon payment in full by customer within 15 days from date of completion, and any additional charges resulting from change orders.   If contract is cancelled prior to the start of the work, the down payment, less 10% of the total contract, will be refunded.  Payments are payable in cash, check, money order or approved credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover only).  A 3.5% Service Fee is applied to all credit card transactions.  Any returned checks will have a $ 25.00 service charge added to note.  Customer further agrees that any unpaid balance remaining due more than 30 days after job completion is subject to a service charge of 1.5% per month.  Wendland Landscape Services, Inc. and/or our advertising agencies will be producing marketing pieces that focus on products we create, distribute, or install while in the field.  Customer authorizes Wendland Landscape Services, Inc., their employees, County® Materials Corporation, Belgard® or our advertising agencies, to take photographs /videos for use in advertising and marketing collateral, television spots and videos, websites, social media, CD-ROMS, or other forms of print and electronic media.

Customer hereby acknowledges that Wendland Nursery will NOT accept returns of plant material!  Seasonal home décor items are final sale items and are unable to be returned.



  1. Plant Material

We are so confident in our trees, shrubs and evergreens, that we offer a 2-year guarantee unless noted otherwise.  From the date of purchase, Wendland Nursery will guarantee the amount of money spent on any tree, shrub or evergreen that you purchase*.  Our selection of replacement plants (size, value, and availability) change from year to year.  Due to these reasons, we will only guarantee the amount of money spent.  Plant material will be replaced ONCE within the warranty period.  Replacement nursery stock is NOT warranted even if it is a different type of plant.  Substitutions may be made if original plant material is not available.  If original plant material was delivered and not installed, the replacement will also be delivered only.  Wendland Nursery is not responsible for tipping or settling issues on delivered or installed plant material.  There are NO cash refunds on dead nursery stock.  A gift card may be issued for plant material that is unavailable and can be used for the same plant or any other in stock item.   *Limited warranted items include Shrub Roses, Rose Trees, Rhododendrons/Azaleas, Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Japanese Maple, Redbud, Buddleia, Perennial flowers and Grasses.  All limited warranty items are only warranted until November 1st of the year purchased.  There is NO guarantee on annual flowers, bulbs, herbs or vegetables, plants installed against our recommendation, or customer’s plants that have been transplanted.  Guarantee is VOID if customer installation and/or plant care is not properly done.  (This includes mishandling of plant material, shaving roots of plant material, removing burlap and twine, not watering or overwatering.) 

 PLEASE BE PATIENT, some plants can be very slow to leaf out.  Do NOT remove plant from ground unless you are certain that it is dead.  Please contact us with any plant concerns prior to removing them.


Reseeding of bare areas larger than 1’ x 1’ will be done ONCE at no charge if within the first year, on seeded lawn construction.  Weeds in a new seeded lawn may occur.  Any additional spraying or weeding needed are not covered under guarantee.  Gapping on sodded lawns will not be covered.  If a sod roll dies out within 30 days from time of installation replacement will be completed for up to 15 rolls of sod.  Sod rolls are installed pest/disease free. Wendland Nursery does NOT cover damage caused by either settling or washouts resulting from natural erosion and /or downspouts.  Guarantee is VOID if problems are due to owner neglect.

Hardscapes, Masonry, Decks

All Hardscapes, masonry and deck projects have a 2-year workmanship warranty. All work is to be built to or above current code requirements.  From the date of installation, Wendland Landscape Services, Inc. guarantees your installation from settlement of pavers and walls, and from separation of wall units for a 2-year period, under normal wear for which the product was intended. (i.e.: If you drive or run heavy equipment over a walkway which was intended as a pedestrian walkway, Wendland Landscape Services, Inc. will not be held accountable) Replacements and/ or repairs furnished under this guarantee shall not carry a new warranty but shall carry only the unexpired portion of the original guarantee provided.  No cash refunds will be provided under this guarantee.  This guarantee does not cover any defects in material or equipment incorporated into the hardscape, masonry or deck project which are only covered by the manufacturer or supplier written guarantee, if any.  Pavers or wall units placed on existing concrete surfaces as a result of customer request, will not be repaired under this policy.  Hardscapes, masonry, or decks damaged or destroyed by Acts of God, vandalism, animals, fire, removal, alterations, and relocation will not be repaired under this guarantee.  Hardscapes, masonry, or decks damaged or destroyed by abnormal traffic, weather conditions such as floods, excessive wind damage, drought, severe freezing or abnormal rain will not be repaired or replaced under this guarantee.  Exact color matches are not guaranteed!  White substance on pavers (efflorescence) is the result of a naturally occurring reaction and is not a defect and therefore will not be covered under this guarantee.  Polymeric joint sand is not permanent and will require future replacement.  Polymeric joint sand may wash out in areas that are prone to heavy water use such as gutter run off or hose bib areas.  Only pavers will use polymeric joint sand.  Polymeric joint sand will have a 90 day installation guarantee.  All alterations made by homeowner or outside contractors will result in cancelation of guarantee.  Any additional work not related to the original scope of work is subject to a change order and will be an additional cost assumed by the homeowner.

Exceptions and Limitations

Customer hereby acknowledges that the guarantee is for the general health and hardiness of the plant, not for its shape or form.  Guarantee does NOT cover any animal damage, mechanical damage, chemical damage, vandalism, neglect, natural disaster or cold damage injuries.  DIY (do it yourself) options are not covered under any guarantee/warranty policies:  This includes but not limited to projects started but not finished or finished but not started by contractor.  Settlement issues resulting from the placement or compaction of soil / stone by another contractor or homeowner will not be covered.  All alterations made by homeowner or outside contractors will result in cancellation of guarantee/warranty.  Wendland Nursery and its employees are not responsible for any damages to lines not marked by Diggers Hotline.  If you are aware of any private underground lines or underground structure, including but not limited to television, telephone, cable, invisible dog fencing, underground storage tanks, sprinkler systems, gas/electric lines or drain tiles please have them marked prior to anticipated start date.   Customers also acknowledge we are not responsible for any damage or staining to any asphalt or concrete sidewalks and driveways.  No warranties are given on wholesale materials!


All claims must be made within the guarantee period and must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice.  Guarantee is not transferable upon sale of house/property.  Guarantee is only valid for original owner/purchaser only.  Timeliness of warranty work performed shall be at the discretion of contractor (typically within 30 days from complaint).  Once we are contacted with a complaint, we will have someone out within 14 business days (weather permitting) to assess the issue and provide the solution in writing.  Once a solution is agreed upon the work order would be scheduled.



If you do not know how to care for your new plant material, lawn or hardscape PLEASE let us know and we would be happy to give you care instructions and/or answer any questions you may have.



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