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Summer Tips – General

Water! Water! Water!
Whether you have a newly installed landscape or have lived in your home for 10 years, don’t forget to water your plants and lawn.

  • While a healthy mature lawn can survive a dormant period in summer, a relatively new lawn or a lawn that is already struggling may not emerge from dormancy looking very healthy.  Large dead patches often occur or you may notice a higher percentage of weeds.  Weeds often take over when your lawn is struggling and the best way to combat weeds is a nice thick healthy lawn.
  • This spring and summer has been warmer than average and, in the Milwaukee area, VERY dry!  A lawn that goes dormant in June may not have enough energy to survive.  And keep in mind that those brown patches may not just be dryness.  We have seen a higher number of reported Chinch Bug cases over the last couple of years and they are off to the races again this year due to the mild winter.
  • When watering your flowers, don’t forget your plants and trees.  Just because they have been installed for several years doesn’t mean they won’t get stressed in periods of drought and/or extreme heat.  After the last couple of droughty summers and falls, we have seen many people lose trees due to lack of water.  They figured the trees could withstand the drought.  Think of it this way…when its hot outside, does a 40-year old man need less water than a 5-year old?  Is the older man any less thirsty?  NO!  And sometimes, the older trees may need more.  For example, a large Maple tree has a dense thick canopy that blocks most rainfall from actually hitting the ground underneath the tree.  So even in an average year, sticking a sprinkler under your tree every now and then will be very beneficial.
  • Just remember, your plants and lawn are living things…and like all living things, they need water to survive!

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