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Planting & Care Instructions for Trees


  1. Dig hole to the size that is specified by the sales staff.  Make sure that the bottom is flat and of equal depth (not carrot shape or saucer like), leaving all back fill near the hole.
  2. If the tree is delivered, the tree will be set into the hole, provided that the hole is properly prepared.  If the hole is not ready or is incorrectly prepared, the tree will be left next to the hole.  If the tree is picked up and needs to be set in the hole, tip the tree to its side, allowing one person to hold and spin the trunk as needed.  A second person should then roll the ball into the hole.  Do NOT drop the ball from truck / trailer.  Do NOT drop ball into hole.  Doing so can damage the ball and root system.
  3. If the tree is delivered, Wendland Nursery will back fill the hole partially to ensure the tree is straight and that the ball is at the correct height.  Use the soil that came out of the hole to straighten and stabilize the root ball, making sure the soil is packed down firmly.  If amending the existing soil make sure it is a 50/50 mix with existing soil.  If soil differs too much from existing ground conditions girdling roots are more prone to occur.
  4. If you are using a fertilizer at time of installation, spread it evenly around the hole once it’s back filled half way and then finish filling hole.  (We suggest using Nutri-Pak 3 year slow release fertilizer packets.)
  5. At this point, the base of the tree (where the twine is tied around the trunk) should be 1” to 2” above the established grade.  Mound the soil up to this point and slope the soil away from the tree for proper drainage, but do not pile all the extra soil on top of the ball.

*** Do not remove any of the twine or burlap that is on the tree.

This is holding the root ball together.  Doing so may void the warranty. ***

 ***Wendland Nursery recommends any tree over 2 ½” diameter be staked at the time of planting.

Wendland Nursery is NOT responsible for trees that lean or tip due to settling or windy conditions.  Trees that tip may not be able to be straightened completely with staking after the rooting process has begun. ***


  1.  Water your new tree once every 4 to 5 days if 1” or more of rain does not fall for the time period.  Leave a hose lay at the base of the tree at a slow trickle for approximately 30 minutes.
  2. During prolonged dry / windy spells, mist down the leaves at dusk to remove dust and to re-hydrate the leaves tissues.
  3. It is best to install a 5’ ring of mulch around the tree.  This helps to retain moisture, eliminate competition from turf, reduce rapid fluctuations in moisture and temperature, and reduce the chance of damage from lawn mowers and weed-wackers!  Do NOT create mulch “volcanos”… Mulch should not form a bowl around base of plant.  This can increase the chance of trunk rot.
  4. For trees in open or exposed areas, wrap the trunk with tree wrap for at least the first two winters, putting on around Thanksgiving and removing in early April.  If deer are an issue in your area, consider installing a trunk guard to prevent damage from buck rubs.
  5. All trees can be easily fertilized with Milorganite fertilizer.
  6. Caring for your plant material does NOT stop after 6 months or a year…  All plant material needs about a 1” of water a week whether it’s newly installed or a well-established plant.

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