Planting & Care Instructions for Shrubs

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Planting & Care Instructions for Shrubs


  1. Dig hole twice as wide as the size of the container.  Soil level in pot should match soil level in planting area.
  2. Remove the plant from the pot.  If the plant / soil does not readily pull out of the pot, cut the container away from the soil / root mass.  Using a knife, cut around the entire base and up one side of the pot.
  3. Set the soil / root mass in the hole.  If the container needed to be cut, set the entire sliced pot in the hole and then peel away the pot.  This will minimize root shock and the amount of soil lost.
  4. Back fill the hole, slightly packing the soil along the way.
  5. The base of the shrub should be slightly above the established grade to allow for settling.  Mound soil up to this point and slope away from the base for proper drainage.

 *** Please note these are general planting instructions.  For a few shrub varieties such, as Roses and Hydrangeas, planting and care instructions may vary from this sheet.***




  1. Water shrubs once every 3 to 5 days if 1” or more of rain does not fall for that time period.  Leave a hose lay at the base of the plant at a slow trickle for about 15 minutes.  If using a soaker hose or sprinkler, watering time may need to be increased up to 45 minutes depending upon the apparatus.  NOTE:  Some shrubs dry out quickly due to the type of soil they are potted in.  These may need to be watered everyday for the first week or two and then transitioned to the 3 to 5 day watering schedule.
  2. During prolonged dry or windy spells, mist down the plants at dusk to remove dust and re-hydrate leaf tissues.
  3. It is best to mulch planting beds and/or individual shrubs.  This helps retain moisture, eliminate competition from turf, reduce rapid fluctuations in moisture and temperature, and reduce the chance of damage from lawn mowers and weed-wackers.  Do NOT create mulch “volcanos”… Mulch should not form a bowl around base of plant.
  4. All shrubs can be easily fertilized with Miracle Grow, Rapid Grow or Milorganite fertilizer.
  5. Caring for your plant material does NOT stop after 6 months or a year…  All plant material needs about a 1” of water a week whether it’s newly installed or a well-established plant.


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