Wood/Bark Mulches

General Information:

  • 1 cubic yards weighs 500 – 600 lbs
  • 1 cubic yard covers 100 sq ft approximately 2″ thick (the recommended thickness is 3 – 4″ on most plant material – large perennial areas or flower beds should stay around 2″)
  • 3 yard minimum for delivery.  Delivered price varies by quantity and location.  Please call for quote.
  • We will not load quantites smaller than 1 yard.  Please ask office staff for other options.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the unpredictable price of fuel, all pricing shown may change at any time and fuel surcharges may apply on deliveries. 

Double Ground Mulch

  • Good starter mulch
  • 80/20 wood vs. bark content
  • Excellent for all planting areas
  • Not recommeded for use over weed barrier
  • $20.00 per yard picked up

Shredded Hardwood Mulch

  • Standard darker brown mulch of medium to fine texture
  • Excellent for all planting areas
  • Excellent for perennial beds and flower beds
  • 50/50 bark to wood content
  • Not recommended for use over a weed barrier
  • $ 24.00 per yard picked up price

Shredded Oak Bark Mulch

Intermediate • 18 Hrs

  • Light brown to reddish brown in color with stringy consistency
  • No longer pure oak (Oak / Hardwood Mix)
  • 80/20 bark vs wood content
  • Fades to gray
  • Slightly slower breakdown rate than hardwood mulch
  • $38.00 per yard picked up price

Shredded Cedar Mulch

Duration: 4 Months
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Colored Mulches – available in Red, Gold, Chocolate Brown, Mahogany and Black

  • Dyed product, may stain concrete for short period of time
  • 80/20 wood vs. bark content
  • Longer lasting color due to dying process
  • Not as good at insulating the ground or restricting weed growth
  • Can be used with a weed barrier
  • Light Brown as been discontinued as of the 2022 season
  • $ 32.00 per yard picked up price

Red Colorized Mulch

Gold Colorized Mulch

Chocolate Colorized Mulch

Mahogany Colorized Mulch

Black Colorized Mulch

Certified Playground Chip

General Information:

  • This consists of ground wood chips that meet all the certification standards for daycare, municipality and school applications.
  • It is also US Consumer product safety standard and wheelchair accessibility tested.
  • No chemicals or additives
  • $ 59.00 per yard picked up

Shredded Hardwood 

Shredded Oak

Shredded Cedar

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