Care Instructions for Sod

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Care Instructions for Sod

Watering is a must when it comes to proper establishment of a sodded lawn!

As soon as your sodded lawn has been installed, water immediately; applying approximately an inch of water.  Continue to soak the sod at least once each day, depending on the weather, during the first 10 to 14 days.  The new turf must be kept moist until the sod is firmly rooted.  Please remember that sod near buildings or pavement will dry out faster because of reflected heat.  Spot watering may be needed daily for these areas.  Once sod has begun to establish, you may gradually reduce the frequency of watering.

Do NOT mow your sod right away.  Please wait approximately two weeks after installation to mow.  Set your mower up to a high setting for the first few cuttings.  Make sure you are mowing in the opposite direction of how the rolls of sod were laid.  Mow perpendicular to the rolls so that the wheels of the mower do NOT line up with the seams.

Fertilizing is done before sod is laid.  Do not fertilize again until sod is fully established.  Once area is established (depending on time of year) Turf Builder or Milorganite can be applied.

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